Saturday, June 17, 2006

3 parties

We picked Matt up from the airport and headed to the first birthday party of the day....

It was at crazy SIL's so we got to enjoy a dramatic performance because things weren't going her way. Always an enjoyment. Luckily I didn't have to stay long because I had to have Brittney at party 2. Here are the kids and their cousins.

Party 2 was held at a wedding chapel that also does tea parties. The girls all dressed up it was fun, but I could tell that the older girls were kinda thinking this is silly. But they all did have fun getting to dress up and have a fashion show and tea party.

Party 3 was at Bowling World. By this time I was starving so had to have some nachos. The kids played two games of bowling, they had a blast but I was ready to get home and I know hubby was since he hadn't even been home yet.

We arrived at the house. I had put dinner in the crock pot I did the finishing touches and we sat down to eat. We had hubby open his presents for his birthday. He loved his new dvd burner and is itching to try it out.

Him and the kiddos are playing a new gamecube game he brought them back as a surprise and I am hoping we all go to bed early tonight.


BarnGoddess said...

busy! the tea party looked kinda neat, Ive never been to one as a kid. Poor hubby, I bet he was glad to get home, he sounds like a nice guy.