Friday, June 02, 2006

Slow....but getting there.

Starting to get the house back in order. We had the living room, entry way, hallway and kids bathroom painted while we were gone. To prepare I took all the pictures, etc off the wall, I have not had time yet so are house is a clean slate with no pics. Putting pics up is on the to do list.

I still plan on writing in detail about our trip to Disney. To review some of the things we did for anyone else planning a trip and to document it for us as well.

My mother has been off work this week and so that has not helped with me getting much done. I will say she has watched the kids so I could get some legal work done. Today my dad is off work as well so they wanted to take the kids to a drive through Safari not to far from here. Of course they want me to go along too. So today I wont get anything else done.

Saturday we plan on putting our pool up, the evening we have a picnic to attend for the new homeschool group we have joined. Sunday we will be traveling about 2 1/2 hours for a family reunion. So the weekend will not find me getting much done either.

Oh well I am sure it will all get done eventually....good news is that the laundry is caught up....of course not everything is put up quite the way I want it, but that is going to involve some moving around and organizing.


dakotablueeyes said...

yowsa lol hope you get something done I know its driving you nuts