Sunday, October 05, 2008

Showing the importance of Math

Brae and hubby went camping this weekend with our homeschool group. They had a blast.

Them gone let Britt and I have girls night. We went to eat and then go get ice cream. This is where I showed Britt an exhibit of why math is so important. The total was $4.50, I gave the kid a $20.00, he keeps looking at me and the cash register then starts fumbling with a calculator on the side. He says "I can't get the calculator to come up" and he is really getting flustered. So much so that the manager came over. The kids says "I can't get the calculator to come up". I politely say I think my change would be $15.50. The manager now getting what is going on says look at the receipt it tells you what her change is. The kids was so relieved he was like oh good that change stuff is too confusing.

We left and Britt was like mom what was taking him so long, I explained that is why we do math, why I make her count out money at places, etc. I felt bad that the kid was so dependent on a calculator that he couldn't do change for $4.50 not even a really weird amount.


Jody said...

Yeah I was horrible at math when I was young too. Funny now that I am teaching the boys I have gotten so much better LOL. I am teaching the boys really how to count money too. It's very important.

The Woman said...

omgosh, all he had to do was look at the receipt lol

BrittBritt said...

he took a very long
I love mom.

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