Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Party!

We had a fun party. I so love Brittney's friends and their moms!
Everything was fun, Brittney was spoiled! She loved everything she got and she loved having all her friends over.

We also made fun t-shirts I took white t-shirts tied rubber bands dyed them orange and everywhere there was a white circle they drew in a pumpkin face.
Here are some food pics, party pics and even one of the dog in his costume!

Brain and fruit dip (watermelon)

Ghost Pizzas

Cat dip

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Hand coming out of the dip.

Ghosts! (Pears dipped in melting chocolates and mini choc chip eyes)

Tex in his second costume of the day!

All the girls (They were all American Girl Dolls, except one and she was the skeleton!)

Trying to get the apple off the fork without their hands...

Blowing out the candles

Making shirts


Weber said...

Ok, how far of a drive is it from Tennessee??? I'm coming to your next party!!!!!!!!!!

kel said...

It's not too far you can do it in a day! We are having a Christmas party too!!