Tuesday, October 14, 2008

head spinning

I am running like a crazy woman. Even crazier than usual.

I am helping out at my friends law office this week which I don't mind doing but makes it crazy. Stuff with co-op, with the home school group, going camping for two nights with friends this weekend, regular school stuff, planning Britt's birthday, scout stuff, paralegal stuff, medical stuff...all is making my head spin this week.

Docs are fighting among themselves which puts me in the middle because if I side with one then the other gets mad and so on and so on. So trying to get all the facts and things straight in my head so that we can make a decision on upcoming things with Brae.

Did get Britt's room put back together with her new bed. She is counting down to her birthday. The birthday that I am so unprepared for...those who say I am so organized would laugh out loud if they could see me now.

I won't be home one evening this entire week, and gone everyday as soon as school work is done. What a week, and I really don't see it slowing down until mid November.
Of course by then holiday busy times will take over so that means no end in site..eek.

On another note my training for my quarter marathon is going well. Somedays I doubt I can do it, but then I know that I can but I also realize I will be toward the back of the pack and be slow but I am just going to focus on the fact that I finish a 7 mile race and not where I come in.

Back to the busy busy week.


Jody said...

Your week does sound crazy. I hope you can get a little break between it all. (((HUGS))

You will do great on your Marathon!!!

zoeygirl@blogspot.com said...

I'm having weeks like that too! It never seems to slow down! About the 7 miles...I wouldn't care if I came in last place I would just have a sign on my head that said "I finished!"