Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She is 11!

My little girl is 11 today.
Much to my chargin everyone has been assuming she is turning 13 and once I even heard 14 I am like no no no. I don't even like 11...LOL...growing up too fast. I will have lots of party pics and fun foods pics later as we are having a Halloween Birthday party today!

Happy Birthday Britt Britt, you are my sweet girl. My kind hearted sensitive girl who will do anything to help someone out. You do not hesitate to go break out your piggy bank if you hear of anyone in need and automatically offer your money. You are helpful, kind, smart and beautiful and most of all your my little girl. Happy Birthday.


BrittBritt said...

Thank you mom did you rely mean all of that......I LOVE YOU.

Jody said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITT!! I hope she has a wonderful day!!

The Woman said...

Happy birthday brittney, kaylie and i both sent text messages to your phone