Wednesday, October 08, 2008


A big day here....FINALLY we have a Target near us!
They had a soft opening today opening until 10pm tonight and then closing again until Sunday when they will have the Grand opening.
My friend called and told me about it so out we went. Brae was the only one not thrilled with going...imagine that...but hubby, Britt and I all loved the new store.
They just have such different stuff then some of the other stores.
Much better to have Target 10 minutes away rather than over an hour!
So if I am ever missing just look at Target it will be my new home away from home, I will just be happy wondering the aisles.


Jody said...

LOL. Poor Brae!! Well now you will have to give us (just kidding of course LOL) Target's number so if you go missing we can find you LOL!!

Life at the Lake said...

I'll be right there with you - lol! Wasn't it great? The kids and I went yesterday. Just wait - when Brae gets older, he might like shopping at stores that have an electronics department!!

Jennifer said...

ACK! Can't believe we missed this! My kids are almost as excited about Target opening as I am. :) I can't wait!

stacey said...

That is BIG and totally worth celebrating!

The Woman said...

I love Target too and their clearance racks are great. I'm liking them better than walmart every day

Shane said...

Good for you. It should be a law.... every city with over 500 people should have a Target! It's my absolute fav.