Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Add it to the to do list

Britt is having a Halloween birthday party. Just a fun little dress up thing. She wanted to be an indian or more specifically Kaya from American Girl. Not a problem...so I thought. Well I ordered one on line just a Teen Indian Princess costume so all taken care of. Well not quite. Do to the fact that the costume came in and it was just a little skimpy but I still thought okay we will put leggings under it and a shirt under the top and it will work. This was before I noticed the paw prints strategically placed on the front of the shirt. Eeek not going to work. So I ran around this morning and apparently all indians wore skirts that barely covered their rear and shirts tight and small. Even the children's costume was a mini skirt. No where near what Kaya wore. So off to the fabric store and a pattern that hopefully will adapt to be some sort of Kaya looking dress. Of course I can't sew so Britt has to do it herself....make those sewing lessons pay off..lol. I can help but I am not a seamstress. So now we have 7 days to make a costume because her party is next Wednesday.

I was telling Matt those adult costumes were awful there wasn't one I would feel comfortable wearing in public...eeek. Hopefully Britt's costume will turn out. Brae was easy he wanted to be Ben Ten white Ben Ten shirt, jeans, a thing on his wrist that is some alien thing and spike his hair and he is done...now if Britt was that easy.


Jody said...

Oh no. I hope it can get done before the party. Why do they do that to kids costumes I mean come on ya know?!