Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We are still in Austin. We will hopefully be home on Saturday if all goes according to the current plan. MIL is housesitting and taking care of dogs for us so not having to worry about that.

I did 7 miles today...I didn't run it all but I did at least get the distance in. The race will be here before I know it and I so don't feel ready but am still excited about it. The long run/walk today was a great stress reducer but in the morning I may be regretting it especially with the hills around here.

I brought the kids Halloween costumes with us so we will be doing Halloween in Texas this year and MIL will be handing out to the trick or treaters in our neighborhood.


stacey said...

i bet austin is crazy on halloween! but have fun anyway!

kel said...

Actually it is not in Austin, but outside in a town called Cibolo, my aunt and uncle live there and it is a gated community so they have their own thing for Halloween so it should be fun. At home we go to the church thing and that is about it so this will be different for them.

BrittBritt said...

today will be great!