Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Not too much to report for this weekend except it went by entirely to fast.

Friday night hubby and I went out for an early anniversary celebration. Our actual anniversary is Tuesday but we will be having fun at the waterpark with our home school group then. A middle of the week anniversary is hard anyway. So we had a nice evening out. We went to the new super Center WalMart they had opened their gas station that day and had a special of $3.59 a gallon on gas. People were lined up for 2 miles. We didn't wait in the line but it was quite a site. The kids spent the night at mom and dad's and we weren't suppose to pick them up until about 1 on Saturday so we had a very relaxing lazy Saturday morning. After picking the kids up and eating a late lunch it was home to cheer on our nascar favorites.

Sunday was church and ready for the week. Did get in the pool with the kids for awhile. My leg is still not healed. What a muscle pull that turned into. I did get out and jog/walk 1 mile this morning. I guess I have to get it strengthened back up.

Britt is blowing through her sets of American Girl books. I have started yet another way to try to motivate Brae to read. I have now wrapped a present up and on the present their are 10 names of books with a place for initials. After he has read those 10 books and they are initialed then he gets to open the present. We shall see if this helps to get him motivated. As he puts it "I just don't get this pressing me to learn stuff"...that boy.


stacey said...

way behind here!

happy anniversary!
recover soon!
love the book/reading idea!