Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 miles and lyrics

5 miles this morning. I didn't run it all but now I have the distance so I will work on my pace and time. I plan 5 miles till September then 6, then 7 in October, and get to 8 end of October first of November. The race on November 16 is 7.5. I think I will stay at 8 miles I can't see myself ever wanting to run more than that. Of course 3 months ago I would have said I didn't want to run a mile. So now I will continue to work up on my 5 miles.

Hubby had put a bunch more songs on my mp3 player. I had been trying to think of ones. I had tried some of the running pages but a lot of those are too hard rock stuff, or lyrics that I don't like. So we started finding more 80's 90's stuff to put on their that I like. Well I remembered doing the 6th grade talent show with some friends to the song by Olivia Newton John "Let's Get Physical"...we were all in our workout clothes doing jumping jacks, etc. Okay now I listen to that song and it is so not jumping jacks they are talking about...what was my mom thinking letting me listen to that much less sing it in front of people. Eeek. No way would I allow that. Of course back then I don't think it even registered to me what it was about. I must be getting old because I was thinking about my favorite song from high school by Tiffany and I was like eek that is so not appropriate...so definitely signs of getting old!..LOL


The Woman said...

Keith just asked if he could go jogging this morning. I think its because he got a sweatband for his head at VBS last night lol

Jody said...

Keep up the good work :) That is awesome!

LOL about songs when we were young. It's amazing that once you have kids the more you are aware of things like that LOL. I liked Tiffany too when I was young. Boy does that seem like forever ago!

Kim L said...

That is so funny. I"ve thought the very same thing many times!

zoeygirl@blogspot.com said...

Girl I had no clue what the lyrics to songs were when I was a child. It is amazing how now we listen and pay more attention to the words! It is amazing how we that we did turn out ok!