Friday, July 18, 2008

All done shopping!

I now have all the supplies for school for this coming year. All curriculum has been purchased, art supplies, fun add ons all done. Great feeling on that. Not so great feeling is that it is all piled on a table in the school room where it needs put on the shelves and needs lesson plans made. At least the purchasing part is done.

I always get so excited about starting school. Finding new ways for the kids to like school. Of course my son is a little bit of a challenge...did I say little challenge I think that is quite an understatement where he is However, even he thought some of the stuff I brought in from the big sale yesterday at Mardel's looked fun. Or as he put it "it might not kill me"...but might and will kill him are different and a big improvement from him..LOL.


The Woman said...

lol you are excited brittney is excited but Braden lol

Jody said...

I love starting a new school year too!! LOL too funny about Braden!!

BrittBritt said...

go school go go go!school ruls.