Thursday, July 24, 2008

One of those weeks.

I can almost picture the rain cloud right over my head like in the cartoons. Or at least that is what this week is feeling like. Just a sampling of some of the things of the week so far:
* I lay out something for dinner out of the freezer that is in the garage and apparently do not close the door good. Hubby finds it the next morning totally defrosted. So get to cook lots and lots of meat..ugh.
* Central air starts having problems. Because that is so needed when it is 103.
* My attorney friend I do some freelance work for left town for a weeks vacation. Leaving me in charge of his elderly mother whom the kids and I go and visit often anyway. She develops some acute infection in her jaw and is taken into the hospital where I have been having to spend lots of time and make all decisions since I have temporary power of attorney.

And really those are just a few of the rain drops that have hit me in the head this week. Then at 2am this morning our security alarm starts going off jarring me immediately awake of course. After hubby checks everything and calls the company turns out there is some kind of back up battery in the attic that needs changed(a battery type that you can only by through them or maybe radio shack). We didn't even know there was a battery up there. So instant jarring awake headache. Now insomnia.

Okay so that is my whining post. But I am thankful because first off hubby caught the food before it was ruined, the air was fixed for a very minimal price by a friend's husband, my friends mother is doing well and he has told me how much he appreciates it and I know he really needed a break. Also thankful that it was just a battery that made the alarm go off. We are all safe and I need to just hold the umbrella steady and let this cloud go on past. I am in a metaphor mood...LOL. I have not packed a thing for Austin yet and we leave tomorrow morning early early.


Middle_America said...

It will pass honey.

The Woman said...

I hate to get overwhelmed with stuff. Good the meat was caught before it went bad, good your friends mom is better, good that you know someone who works on ACs and good it was a battery. The good was there just overshadowed by the other things.

stacey said...

i hope the cloud does not follow you on your trip. although ironically, you might have some cloud coverage with the tropical storm on the coast! just think cooler weather!!

Jody said...

Ugh what a week but glad everything turned out in the end. At least you found the silver lining right? (((HUGS))) I hope your trip goes much better for you. Prayers sending your way!