Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday in Austin

Well it looks like we will be heading home on Saturday. That is the good news. The not so great but we will deal with it and be thankful is that we have to be here one week a month indefinetly for treatment. We will have to be here the first week of September we will drive down Labor day and then have appts, Tues, Wed and Thurs with treatments. This new doctor is very aggressive which I like. Bradens pills, supplemenst etc are up to 40 some odd a day now starting tomorrow so we will see how that goes. He had a new medicine starting this morning but he had an allergic reaction so they changed it. Glad we were here for the allergic reaction. Tomorrow is Britt's last day of camp and the camp tournament so she is excited. I am excited to be going home Saturday and trying not to be overwhlemed about the prospect of once a month for who knows how long.


Weber said...

40 pills a day! Wow. Not to put more on your mind but are they all GF?
WOW - once a month. How long is the drive? Do you guys think you may need to move closer?

Jody said...

Glad you are coming home but sorry about the monthly trips. That isn't too fun but I am glad to see you are looking at it the way you are :).

The Woman said...

Let's pray they will finally figure out what is wrong and be able to cure whatever it is and he will no longer need that many pills a day