Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another Brae story

Been getting all the homeschool stuff ready to go. The room is coming together nicely. Lots of talk has been going on about the new books, etcetera. Sitting in the living room Britt says: "Mom I can't wait to start school I wish we could start tomorrow"

Brae who had been ignoring the conversation turns around with a disgusted look on his face and says "Sometimes I don't even know how you are my sister".

Yep those two are night and day and it is safe to say Brae is not ready to start school..LOL.


Jody said...

LOL that is just too funny!! My boy's are night and day too. My younger son can't wait while the older one is like can we just not do it? LOL!

The Woman said...

LOL I cannot stop laughing at that one

stacey said...

oh my! he is always good for a laugh!

Kim L said...