Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Had several appointments for Brae. Very frustrated right now. They are not doing the procedure to clean up scar tissue because of an infection that has to be cleared up first. The rheumotologist and me butted heads big time. The nuero was great as always but still very frustrated with things the new Nutritionilst was very nice really think I will like him, the autism specific doc so far I am disappointed but maybe that will change. I will see all the docs several more times this week except the rheumo doc which was definitely a mutual decision on her and my part.

Brae is handling things well. I am a little frustrated but trying not to be. I will give more details later too but just wanted to touch base.


The Woman said...

well I can't wait to hear what happened that you butted heads. Sorry they can't do that procedure that bites.

Kim L said...

Hang in there!

Jody said...

Sorry it is so frustrating to you:(. (((HUGS)))