Friday, December 22, 2006

Cooking w/pics *updated*

Starting out...everyone up and about early, aprons on, happy and ready to help mom!

Having Fun with the candy canes

Cooking at the stove (she is on a little step stool, she is tall but not quite that tall).

A short time later............

One little girl still very happy showing off the oreo truffles she dipped herself....

One little boy...whining incessitly and saying he is tired......

So I have given my happy girl, tired boy and myself a 30 minute break before we hit it again.

On the list to do today:
Choc Mint Cookies -done
Snowball Cookies
Sugar Cookies - done
Peppermint Bark - done
Oreo Truffles - done
Pecan Prailines - a disaster that I will never again attempt
Peanut Brittle
Strawberry Fudge Balls - almost done
Anne's fudge recipe
another fudge recipe
Choc covered Ritz peanut butter
(I think that is it but my list is not by me and I am not moving at the moment)

Also going to a party tonight so making crock pot mac and cheese and going to make some pigs in the blanket as well for that.

Update: I am fast losing steam, I have to get the mac and cheese done soon, and the rest to take for tonight. The kids have long ago lost interest and left me!


BarnGoddess said...

wow! That is SOME List.

Loved the pics! I am afraid, I be next to Braden on the chairs.....whining about being tired.

dakotablueeyes said...

omg busy busy busy I had nothing to do today. Well I did my nails lol no biggy there take em out of the package and put em on lol Tomorrow i have to make the fruit tray for sunday and make sure all the gifts are in the jeep ready to go on sunday

Tammy said...

Oh, wow...I'm tired just reading your list! Everything sounds yummy, though, and love the pictures!
Have a Merry Christmas!

dakotablueeyes said...

Well did you get it all done?

kel said...

I left off the dipped peanut butter crackers but other than that we got it all done!