Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Goodies

For my Works For Me Wednesday Post I will post some of my favorite Christmas goodies.

Super easy. I take crescent rolls shape into a circle, bake then cool. I then coat with the vegetable cream cheese spread, top with brocolli, cherry tomatoes and make a bow from a red bell pepper.

Nutter Butter Santa's
Take Nutter Butters and melted white almond bark. Dip both ends in the white chocolate. One end will be the beard and you will do nothing more to it. The other end you will place red sprinkles on and place a small mini marshmellow(I cut one into 1/4's and use it), place a dob of almond bark and place mini choc chip eyes and a red hot nose.

This is the tray we made last year for our neighbors. Starting from the bottom:
Angels (these are not one of the easier things that I do, but I think they are worth the extra effort): coat a sugarcone with white almond bark add sprinkles, the head is made from marzipam which you can buy at any grocery store or craft store. I then took a toothpick to draw the face, dyed coconut for the hair, pretzels attached with chocolate for the wings, vanilla wafer (also attached using melted chocolate for the halo---Cherry Thumbprint cookies---Snowman Nutter Butters: Take a Nutter Butter dip in White Almond Bark push in the pretzel arms, place the mini m&m buttons, the choc chip eyes, I used a tooth pick and dyed some melted white chocolate orange and placed on the nose.---Chocolate Mice: Use a Hershey Kiss, then dip a cherry with stem in melted chocolate almond bark place on the kiss, use choc to attach mini choc chip ears, I also use white almond bark to make little eyes.---Peanut Butter Rudolphs: Make your normal peanut butter cookie dough or buy refrigerated on cookie sheet place a small ball and then touching it place a larger ball on top of the large ball place the mini pretzels. They will spread out and give you your reindeer as soon as they come out of the oven place chocolate chip eyes and red hot nose.

Santa Cupcakes These are new to us and I just thought they turned out adorable. Make your basic cupcakes and frost them white. Then on wax paper you are going to use white almond bark make it thick and form a hat shape and a beard shape, the hat shape sprinkle with red sugar and place marshmellows on the brim and top, on the beard do nothing, wait for them to dry and place them on the cupcake (the icing will hold them in place), I use choc chip eyes, red hot nose, red sugar for cheeks and red smile for his mouth.

Rudolph Cupcakes: Regular cupcakes, chocolate frosting, I break off the large pretzels for antlers, m&m's with a dot of black decorators frosting for eyes and a candied cherry for the nose.

Fruit Wreath (my picture got wet and didn't scan well) Basically just cut up lots of fresh fruit dip parts in chocolate and place in wreath shape.

Snowflake cupcakes, these didn't turn out exactly as I pictured but I thought still cute. Regular cupcakes, frosted blue. On a piece of wax paper use a toothpick, spoon, butter knife whatever works for you and make snowflakes out of white melted almond bark. Let them dry and gently (I broke a lot of them) remove and place ont he cupcake.

This is a tray I took to a Christmas party last year. It has most of the stuff I described above. I made large snowman shaped sugar cookies, used fruit by the foot for scarf, m&m buttons, an M&m turned sideways for a nose, mini choc chip eyes, and m&ms for ear muffs, connected with decorator icing.
I also did santa hat cookies just triangle sugar cookie, red icing, coconut for the brim and a marshmellow for the top.
The poinsetta cupcakes are made from gum drop candies that I rolled out placed on the frosting, the yellow centers are mini m&m's

This picture shows my vegetable tree. Just take a cone shaped styrofoam and place the veggies on with toothpicks.

Can you tell I love to cook and make fun things, if I wasnt out of time and space I would show even more!


Doris said...

Oh, I especially love the Nutter Butter Santa idea. Thanks!

BarnGoddess said...

I am going to try the Nutter Butter cookie idea, simple and easy enough for me :)

I read your post below. It sucks when people run around shooting off their mouths without the right information. It is just plain hurtful-hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

I loved your ideas.....esp the nutter husband loved these.

dakotablueeyes said...

omg you put me and my house to shame lol

Anonymous said...

These are great ideas that I will have to use! I, too, love to cook and make festive things. Thanks for sharing! You can view mine at

Anonymous said...

This weekend I'm supposed to take an appetizer to a family gathering. I was going to make veggie pizza (same ingredients as your wreath). Now that I've seen your wreath, that's what I'll be doing. So ingenius!!


Anonymous said...

Wowza! I am impressed and a little overwhelmed just looking at all your treats. Perhaps I will try to find one special cookie to bake each year and add a new treat each year I'm a Mommy! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

these all look awesome! i love the veggie wreath.

Larae said...

Wow, all these goodies look so yummy! I can't wait to make some of the Nutter Butter Santas for my mom, I know she'll love them. Thanks for sharing! =)

happychyck said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I'll have to try some of our other ideas if I decide to get out my cookie sheets this holiday!

Swampwitch said...

At first I thought I had mistakenly stopped by Martha Stewart's place. I am so impressed with your holiday baking. Does "slice-and-bake" cookies count toward what is considered holiday baking? Wonderful ideas.
I have to sign in with my old Blogger account, so if you want to visit, here is my new place:

CyberCelt said...

I love the wreath. My family always makes Spinach dip for Christmas. This would be a really cool way to display it.

Here from BCs.

Karmyn R said...

Oh - the nutter butter Santa and Reindeer cupcakes are the cutest! and they look easy too!

Thanks for some great ideas.

here from BC Carnival.

Robin said...

Visiting via the BC, love your design (aren't all moms busybusy? :) ).

I couldn't believe how your pictures kept going and going...! You're the Christmas Energizer Bunny Baker ;).