Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gossip and lonely

Rumors and Gossip if I listend to those then I would be discouraged and crazy 24/7 in regards to Brae's medical condition.

Hubby and I have tried to keep things close this time with his medical needs, diagnosis, etc. I was really thinking we were doing a good job until I heard the "gossip" about what someone else had heard about my son. Ugh made me so mad. The problem is I know exactly who is doing it, and I am trying not to go off on her. I don't know if we made the right decision or not but we chose not to be as open this time as we have in the past in regards to Braden. In some ways it has helped tremendously in others not so much because those that don't know are tending to draw their own conclusions and repeat it as truth.

The other issue I am trying to deal with right now is no one seems to know what to say to me so they don't say anything. I am trying to understand as I have dealt with situations before that are sensitive and people don't know what to say, but it is hard. I kinda feel lonely lately. I don't know if that is the right word or not but just like I don't have the close knit that I used to have which is frustrating.

Okay enough on me venting. Tommorow I will be posting lots of Christmas goodies.


dakotablueeyes said...

I think I'm a person who doesn't always know what to say so I don't say anything other than I'm here for you or you are in my prayers. Having never dealt with certain situations its hard to understand. That's where I don't pass judgement either I think parents do the best they know how to do for their kids and they must follow their hearts with things like this.
I'm here to vent on if you need me you know that. May not know what to say but I'm a good listener lol

Kim said...

Hi Kel, I am sorry you are feeling alone. I am not sure you will remember me but I was part of your old ezine group and I stop in on your blog from time to time to see how you are doing. I keep your ds in my prayers and I hope the best for him. Try not to let other people get you down. You are a wonderful mommy and the people who only speculate on what is going on really need to talk to you and stop creating gossip. Big HUGS! Kim in Texas formerly of Arkansas

kel said...

THanks guys. I know I count on everyone here. I think what bothers me most is my local day to day friends that have dropped off the face of the earth all of a sudden, or the so called friends that I feel are only calling to find out what is wrong so they can spread the news. One of my friends locally has stated that she doesn't ask me about it but she is there if I need her, but sometimes i feel too much pressure to start the conversation so I don't say anything and we don't discuss it so that one is as much my fault.

Milehimama said...

You might have to take the bull by the horns with the people who don't know what to say - tell them!
I know you don't know what to say...
I can see you have concerns with some of his issues...
or whatever.
My son is Bipolar and I don't always tell people because they don't get it - they think he's crazy, or that I am.
If you hear the gossip, you should whip around and ask excitedly -
"Who are you talking about? I haven't heard that!" They'll shut up immediately.
Or, you could comment (even when you know they are talking about you) "Thank goodness we don't have those problems"... or "I'm so blessed I don't have to deal with that with my son".