Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Reclaiming the house one room at a time

So far the living room is back to normal. I put the Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving and they must come down the day after Christmas.

We are having friends over in the morning so I had to at least reclaim the living room. The kids had a great Christmas. Braden still seems to be fighting off something, not sure what is going on there, but hopefully will know soon. I had a great Christmas I got way more than I thought I would and way more than I deserved...thanks hubby!

The kids rooms are still trashed but the living room is clean and in order, the kitchen and dining room are getting there. Our room had to be rearranged for a tredmill (YEAH!), so it is a complete and total disaster right now.

I will load Christmas pics later this week.


Tammy said...

Glad your family had a nice Christmas!
I know what you mean...I've got to start organizing everything today...it's a mess! But a fun mess!

dakotablueeyes said...

lol I picked up the house last night but you can't tell it today and ihaven't attempted taking down any decos yet but need to get it done.