Friday, July 14, 2006

What a day! *updated

The last few days Britt has been complaining at times about not feeling well. First said that her eye was blurry, then just not feeling well. Then she would bounce back.

I was on the verge of thinking maybe she just needed some special time with me. So bright and early this morning we get up and head to WalMart to get donuts and do a girls day out. She about passes out in the store, gets very dizzy goes down to her knees. Scared the crap out of me! So to ER we went. She starts feeling better after we get checked in. The doc does a full work up on her chest Xray, ears, etc. Doc isn't sure what is going on but since she feels better he says we can go. He says to keep in the back of my mind about scaring the crap out of me again. So I leave ER she is feeling better so we stop by my office, and Brittney proceeds to throw up.

We head home she sleeps a few hours, wakes up no fever but throwing up. So I call and get her into the pediatrician (we are in between pediatricians right now)that was on call. He said not to let what the doc said about MS scare me. By this time Brittney is running a fever. He did a complete nuero work up and while he said that the eye thing has him befuddled he does think the rest is just a virus. He said to keep the MS comment way way in the back of my mind and that if she continues to have weird episodes then we will check more into it.

She has some phenergan and is now holding down sprite and a few crackers. Hopefully it will pass soon and the weird dizzy spells will go away as well and it will all be chalked up to a virus.

But oh what a day!

* Brittney is still asleep but she has quit running fever and last night did drink a large Sprite, eat some crackers, then have some water before bed. So I am hoping we are on the up side of whatever this was.


BarnGoddess said...

damn. poor girl, I hope she gets feeling better soon! phenergan (sp?) is some good stuff, it works wonders for nausea. Please keep me posted:)

dakotablueeyes said...

Oh no, I hope she feels better soon. That would have scared me too.