Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still stinks

I learned a lesson last night...Act II is not right on how long it takes to cook a mini bag of popcorn in my microwave.

I sat it by the directions...3 minutes.

Left the kitchen to do a few things while it was cooking. Walked back in when it had about 30 seconds left, smoke was billowing out of the microwave, the bag was smoldering, and it stunk so awful.

I had to use a knife to stab the bag and remove it from the microwave. We turned on the exhaust fan over the stove, the ceiling fan, opened windows all to keep the smoke alarms from going off.

This morning even after the trash has been taken out and microwave cleaned it still smells like burnt popcorn.

The correct time for a mini bag in our microwave is 1 minute 50 seconds, but after I learned that and got Brittney's popped I was so sick of the stinch I couldn't enjoy popcorn.


Pavel said...

Hi from Tennessee!

I've done this before, let me tell you. In fact, I did this at a previous workplace and the fire alarm went off and the fire trucks actually came.

I no longer work there, but I think that's just a coincidence. (grin)

BarnGoddess said...

oh no! that is a BAD smell that lingers, Ive done it before too.

lol, paval....your nuts

Pavel said...

It does! It stinks up, like, forever!

(pss.. Barngoddess, don't tell her about my Downy mishap)

Kell, I was checking out your fourth of July pics. That pool sure does look refreshing, not to mention that very good looking pie!

dakotablueeyes said...

oh yes lol We get orvilles mini bags for the kids and it says that it takes 1:50 to cook NOT takes 3 minutes cause I kept standing there, a regular sized bag takes 3:15 minutes. lol Depends on your microwave too. My parents warm up coffee for 30 seconds and its almost boiling but in my microwave it takes a minute to get hot

owlhaven said...

I've done this before, too