Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This is how bad I really am..

I have blogged before about my inability to say no to people when they ask me something, well here is an example from last night.

It is about 7:30 and I get a call on my cell phone I don't recognize the number but I pick it up:

Me: Hello
Caller: Kel, can we come over and swim?
Me: Sure that would be okay.
Caller: Okay bye.

hang up...Matt is sitting beside me and sees me looking perplexed. I tell him someone may be coming over for swimming. He asked me who. I had no clue. Don't know who had called, but I had still said yes, because to say no would have been rude...LOL.

Anyway, my "friend" never showed up to swim and I still have no clue who it was. If they hadn't said my name I would have thought it was a wrong number.

But the point of the story is that I hate saying no to people when they ask me things that apparently I will even invite strangers over to swim.

See I told you I need to work on my inability to say no.


dakotablueeyes said...

Kelli Kelli Kelli lol NO NO NO see its that easy. Oh and if it was on your cell phone go into calls received and the number should be there give em a call back and ask em why they never showed up lol

Kim C. said...

hey Kel,
Could you come over and paint my house sometime?

kel said...

Anne- I thought about it...I think it was either a neighbor girl, or my brother's girlfriend...maybe.

Kim - Actually I love to paint and organize...LOL...I have organized 3 friends houses this summer.

BarnGoddess said...

how much do you charge for organizing homes?

repeat the word NO in your head 1 million times a day. Keep saying it over and over...maybe it'll get easier for you to say. You really are TOO NICE!! who cares if NO would have been rude? its your pool and you have control over it.

do you have any not so nice friends who do NOT have a hard time saying NO? hang with them a lot more.

you really do seem like an honest and good person, someone who I would cherish as a neighbor. Have a great tuesday!

trisha said...

yeah, theres quite a few things I need done around the pad too. Can you come to Ca for a while! LOL