Sunday, July 02, 2006


Temp 97.9 with 37% humidity = a hot and muggy day

We got the yard work done. I have to get my 4th decorations up tommorow evening for the cookout on Tuesday. I have also been working on yard sale stuff.

Hubby kids and I all jumped in the pool...which was nice.

I figure between the heat, the work we did, and the pool play we should all be tired and sleep good!


awesomefishing said...

it is HOT! you are right about that! I hope your cookout goes well and you have a good time. I bet your decorations look good, you have a talent in that area, please take some pics to post.

awesomefishing said...

oops that was me barngoddess. I am building a web site for my sister's fishing camp in remote northern Ontario!

dakotablueeyes said...

I hear ya on the heat it was so muggy today. Only went out in it to get to my parents house. Blah Dad's pool isn't clean so can't get in it yet