Thursday, April 21, 2005

Achivement Tests

I know tests are important and they have to measure what the kids are learning, but geesh they put a lot of pressure on kids with these tests.

Brittney who is in 1st grade is already an overachiever and puts way too much stress on herself, so when the teacher tells them this test is to see how much they really know. Oh man my 7 year old is a mess, "mom do you think I did alright", "mom I got a 100 on the practice test, what if I dont on the real test"....and on and on.

Braden who is in kindergarten, personally could care less. I am glad he is not stressed out, but on his I am the one stressing. I think they are expecting too much out of Kindergarten. There is a section on the test that the teacher cannot read to them 10 questions they must read themselves. Brittney could read in Kindergarten, Braden can some easy words but not much. About half of his class is the same as he is. On the practice test one questions was "Which one below is a fruit?"...I know I am 30 but I dont remember having to be able to read those kinds of sentences in Kindergarten.

I know with some of the work even in first grade circling the noun, verb and adjetive, I am very glad to already have completed school because I dont know if I could make it threw again...geesh seems they are expecting more and more younger and younger.