Friday, April 15, 2005

Playstation II

All 3 of my kids seem to be addicted to Playstation II.

Oh wait I only have 2 kids so the 3rd must be my loving hubby!

I should have know it was coming in October when we got the Christmas gift (Playstation II) off of layaway and hubby begged to try it out to make sure it worked before giving it to the kids in December.

Now that they have found a game that 3 can play at once Shrek II the fun never ends. The kids beg as soon as they come thru the door, and Matt had to go back to playing after they went to bed last night to beat a level....he said it was for the kids...but I somehow don't buy that.

I think I could easily become a play station II widow, and I think my kids would gladly ignore mommy for a game.