Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Boy Crazy!

What does the future hold, if in first grade they are already this boy crazy?

Yesterday Brittney informed us that she loves Dillon because he loves her for who she is. Keep in mind she is 7 years old! She has been asking Matt and I why we got married, and how we knew we were in love. Dillon is equally girl crazy and him mom said he goes home crying if he thinks Brittney doesn't love him. Remember....1st graders here.

My friend Lori called me two nights ago to inform me that her daughter Macae is grounded. Why?, because she took a $100.00 bill that Lori had left out and forgot to put up. She took it so she could give it to Clayton so he would be her boyfriend again. Again...1st graders.

I have tried to have the talk about not kissing boys, and that it was for when we get older. I have tried the boys have cooties....nothing stopped it. Luckily it is kissing on the cheek..for now at least. So what I am now doing is that she has to tell me everything, and so if Daniel (another boy besides Dillon that she likes but doesnt love) kisses her she comes right home and tells me. I wish that would last forever...but somehow I doubt that it will.

So if it is this bad in first grade I really dread junior high and eeekkkk highschool and car dating....oh I am getting a migraine thinking about it.