Sunday, April 03, 2005


I saw this on Mana Babies ( I dont know how to add the http address....have I admitted before that Matt is the computer brain in this household.) Anyway I thought it was cute.


Accent - Oklahoma--Okie with a little Texas twang thrown in still.
Bra size - I keep telling my hubby all my daughters friends mommies are getting boob jobs and I want them too but the oh but all my friends have them doesnt seem to be working. Of course if he ever said yes I would never spend that much money nor actually go through with it oh well.
Chore I hate - Vacuming which is why I will never leave my hubby because he does this chore without complaint! (thanks honey)
Dad's name - Jerry
Essential make-up - Mascara
Favorite perfume - I have bottles sitting under my cabinet that are rarely used but I like Elizabeth Arden's True Love and Victoria Secrets A Little Sexy. I mostly just use the scented body washes.
Gold or Silver - Gold
Hometown - Was born in Dumas, Texas and I still go back to that area not that exact town though to visit family, but we live now in Pocola and will stay (I have to say that since we built this house my hubby says the herse or the rapture are the only ways he is leaving)
Interesting fact - People tried to set my husband and I up before we accidently met in a cafeteria at the hospital, but we didnt know that until we had started dating and put two and two together and were like oh you were the one that lived in that apartment and so on.
Job title - Busy Busy Mommy
Kids - Brittney 7, and Braden soon to be 6 on May 5th
Living arrangements - 4 bedroom brick house in a new housing division built towards the outskirts of town. When we moved in we were like wow all this room now we have stuff in the attic and a storage building out back!
Mom's Birthplace - Fort Smith, Arkansas
Number of apples eaten in last week - None this week, I bought grapes, apples and bananas and I prefer the grapes.
Overnight hospital stays - When kids were born 7 days with Brittney and 4 with Braden, once with my heart a few months after Braden was born.
Phobia - hubby is suppose to be making me fly this summer...already getting high blood pressure from the thought. I have flown before 9/11 without too much fear but just something about it now that I just get so nervous.
Question you ask yourself a lot - Why did I agree to do this for so and so?
Religious affiliation - Baptist
Siblings - Younger brother who is 25
Time I wake up - Around 6:30 during the week when I have to set an alarm and then make the kids wake up but on the weekend it is 6:30 because they are jumping in bed with us, why dont they need waking up on the weekend? It's just not fair!
Unnatural hair color - My hair was really blond when I was younger, then got darker and is more of a reddish blond. I have dyed it red red before and I loved it hubby has only seen pics and said no way no way and since I hate it when he grows a mustache I cant argue about!Vegetable I refuse to eat - Any kinds of seaweed looking greens, turnip greens, spinach..yuck
Worst habit - Not telling people no and then griping to myself because I have too much to do.
X-rays - I break bones so easily, or at least I used to knock on wood havent in about 6 years so had lots of xrays and lots of ultrasounds Matt worked at a hospital during my first pregnancy and I got lots of ultrasounds!
Yummy food I make - Enchiladas or for dessert I love making cute cakes
Zodiac sign - Cancer