Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another busy week

Been a busy week, but then again that is nothing new.

We found out this week we will have to take Braden back to the clinic in Arizona in May. We had to get special permission to take the kids out of school 2 weeks early. We will leave May 6th and come back around June 12th. So trying to get everything done and organized now, that includes getting all PTA done, things for home bills and so on for the trip. Our neighbor will take care of our dogs and cats.

We also had to get rid of our bird this week. Braden's bird, poor thing ended up having an allergy to it. It was a slight allergy but we just cant risk it. He has had it over a year. I was surprised that he is not allergic to dogs or cats. So we still have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

I have to drive to Muskogee tommorow a little over an hour one way to take Braden to an appointment. We do this once a week from now till May.

He is also on meds every hour from 7am till 9pm so we are definetly keeping busy. Braden is such a little trooper hardly ever complains. We are hoping for big results after we are able to spend the 5 weeks in Arizona and actually complete a treatment program.

Brittney is working on a project for her extra program called G.A.T.E (Gifted and Talented Education). It is a board program on Pennsylvania so we are getting lots of things together on that.

We had a little more drama from the so called grown woman in PTA. But my hubby had a talk with her and told her that I had enough on my plate to lay off....(My hero...thanks hubby)!
Basically she just wanted to throw herself a pity party and when we didnt respond she decided to have a fit and that didn't work either.

That is a short synopsis on my week so far. Having a yard sale Saturday hopefully it will stay pretty.


manababies said...

Wow, you're one busy lady! Good luck on your trip. Your son truly is a trooper! Since it's still cold here, I was about to say - at least you'll have some really nice weather in Arizona. But duh, by then I doubt the weather will be what you're looking forward to. Aside from the appointments, I hope it at least turns out to be a nice early-summer getaway with the family.

kel said...

I hear the summer is hot hot hot in Arizona. But at least it is a dry heat here in Oklahoma it is so humid in the summer. The place we are staying has a pool so we plan on spending a lot of time in the pool. I am also researching fun places to go and see on the weekends when we will be appointment free.