Saturday, March 19, 2005

A great time

This has been a tough week. I haven't blogged much about it, but basically things aren't progressing the way we had hoped with Braden's medical issues and some decisions need to be made. Financial concerns of course weigh in heavily with the decisions. There has been more drama from the 29 year old woman in PTA that acts like an eighth grader. Lots of things going on with PTA that I am in charge of, busy here at home, you get the picture just a busy week emotionally and physically.

So when mom and dad wanted to take the kids to spend the night since they hadn't got to spend much time with them over spring break, I didn't argue. The kids love to spend the night at nana and papa's and I was really looking forward to some time with hubby. We discussed what we wanted to do all day and finally decided to splurge and go to the Japanese steakhouse for dinner.

Well hubby made it even more special.

I was totally surprised when they led us to the big table and the lady said you have to sit on that side (I was like okay there are 8 chairs and we were the first ones there so usually you sit where you want). Then I noticed the dozen red roses with my name on the card. Just because from Matt. It was so sweet. My mind only went to oh no what charge card did he use for a minute, then I was back to enjoying our stress free fun night out.

It was a fun night, dinner was wonderful the flowers were a great surprise, we enjoyed talking and laughing. We still discussed the stressful issues but it was just more relaxed. I called my daughter after dinner to tell her daddy surprised me with flowers, only to be told "I knew it mom"...oh well excuse daughter is a princess and she knows it and if you don't know it when you talk to her she will let you know it.

After dinner we were stuffed, we made it to the car after hearing how pretty my roses were from everyone (I loved them can you tell..LOL). The next part of the evening was not probably what most would do on an evening alone but hey you have to do things when you to home depot we went. Found the perfect swingset for the kids...going to get it for Braden's birthday. It was nice to walk the store and look at things, discuss ideas, without the "I want to go now" chorus being sung.

Then it was home to the quiet house and some wonderful time together!

So I had to brag on my hubby. He can read this post and remember it for when I gripe about him later on...because I am sure that will happen as well..LOL.


manababies said...

How awesome! It's one thing to be able to have a nice night out without the kids, but your hubby definitely went a step further with the roses :). And I'm the same way, wondering what charge card was used, hehe.