Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Some parents don't deserve kids!

This morning I stopped at the WalMart Neighborhood Grocery, when walking in I noticed a little boy playing on the mechanical vehicle outside the store. No parents in site, I thought well maybe they are checking out and he ran out, I still thought he was too young, but I went on inside.

I shopped about 20 minutes and checked out. On my way out the door the little boy is sitting in the little mechanical van crying. I looked around and saw a WalMart employee gathering carts so I motioned for him.

I go over and ask the little boy what is wrong. He replies "I used all the quarters up that mommy gave me to play with while she was in the store". I asked him his age and he proudly held up 4 fingers. Four years old and mom gives him quarters to play on a toy that is outside of the store while she shopped!

I was livid, the WalMart guy was upset as well, he is like I will take him in and alert the manager. I thought about it all day I was like that cute little boy out there all by himself at the mercy of anyone that could have came along. I am mad at myself for not saying something when I was walking in. I mean I thought it was odd and I would never ever let my kids do it but I thought well maybe they are right in at the registers or something.

Anyway so I have been on my "There should be a test before you can be a parent" kick all day!


Nixon Casablanca said...

I totally agree, that mom should be arrested. Can you imagine if the kid had been snatched? How would she explain it?