Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Beep...beep....beep....since 2:30 this morning. As if I am not a bad enough sleeper when my hubby is gone anyway this morning 2:30 our security alarm decides to malfunction. Since 2:30 am it has beeped every 2 minutes. I got up and reset it and I turned it off and back on. Nothing it says 04 is open well we only have 3 doors so I dont know what it is talking about. The only way to get to talk to someone is to set the thing off and wait a minute until they call, which waking the kids up as well as myself didn't sound appealing. So instead I am awake and have been since 2:30 when it is wake up time where hubby is in PA I am going to call and see if he knows what is going on with this stupid thing. I was already going to have a busy tiring day without being up since 2:30, I am sure I will be in a delightful mood today...not.


Nixon Casablanca said...

On mine, "4" is the in-house motion detector. But I feel your pain. We had a problem with the censor on the garage door going off every night, and they wanted some unearthly amount of money to fix it, so we just don't use the thing while we're home anymore. I won't name the company, but their initials are "ADT"