Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday night

My exciting Friday night has consisted of packing my husbands clothes as he is leaving for a week in Pennsylvania on business, counting money for a PTA fundraiser and making banana splits with hubby and kids.

Matt leaves in the morning for a week in Pennsylvania and I am already dreading it. It never seems to fail that everything that I am keeping juggling in the air somehow crashes down while he is away. Several times a sickness either the kids or myself, other time car problems, something at the house...always seems to be something happens. I told my sons aide at school today that Matt was leaving tomorrow, and she was like no he can't. She knows to the way everything seems to go haywire.

We plan on getting up and going for a big breakfast at Golden Corral and then taking Matt to the airport. Tomorrow the kids have a birthday party to go to. Hopefully the week will pass fast and uneventful. I do tend to get more cleaning done while he is away so that is a plus.