Thursday, January 13, 2005

Too Young!

This afternoon my husband took our son to speech so that I could groceries put away start dinner and do homework with Brittney.

I am cooking dinner and she is helping and starts talking....about....boys! She is 7 and is boy crazy kissed a boy in PreK and another one since. Even came home one day telling me that she kissed one at recess and I said she shouldnt do that. She replied with "It's okay mom we go behind the tree so no one saw us". Thankfully these "kisses" are pretty chaste kisses but oh it is too much of a preview of the future for my liking.

This evening she was telling me about yesterday she had wore a new shirt to school that she had wanted for Christmas. Well apparently Cody (The 1st grade hottie) whistled at her and then came into her classroom and hugged her. But she said she isnt getting to serious about Cody because Morgan loves him and Ronnie (another boy) loves her and she is thinking she might love him back. It is so funny because she is so serious and sincere.

I dont even want to think about when she is 13! I will probably be longing for these chaste kisses and declarations of love that change daily.