Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Braden is not happy.

Took Braden to the eye doctor today for his left eye turning in and she put him in glasses. He is not happy. I tried bribery, I tried you will look like mommy, I tried using his best friend who also has avail...we dont want the "stinky glasses". We got them ordered and they will be in Friday or Monday so we have till then to talk these glasses up and make him excited....somehow I think it is going to take a lot to get him excited but we are going to try. He has to wear them all the time. Of course Brittney wont be happy either because she was WANTING glasses and her eyes were fine...ugh...just cant get the right kid with the right probably going to have to go to the mall to Claire's and get a pair of $5.00 fake glasses for her to wear around...and then fight with her brother to wear the $150.00 pair!


Middle_America said...

Yep, probably.