Thursday, January 20, 2005

New perspective

This week I am filling in for a friend and running the office at my friend's law practice. I normally do freelance paralegal work and bill approximately 20-30 hours a week. This week I am putting in 30-40 hours in office. Let me tell you though it is really taking a lot out of me. Only a few more hours, but the fact is when I am billing I can do the work anytime, 3am cant sleep type a demand letter, 2pm have twenty minutes before getting kids dictate a get the idea. But this week I have to be there certain hours and do things on that time frame. Add on top of this the juggling of kids, hubby, house, PTA and other projects and you have one tired juggler!

I am always very thankful for the things in my life, but after this week I am even more thankful for the flexibility of my normal work schedule.


Nixon Casablanca said...

I once saw a guy juggle a tennis ball, a bowling ball, and a steel ladder with a woman standing at the top of it. I think he would just stare at you in awe.