Friday, January 21, 2005

Involvement in kids school.

Friday week of working at the office is over.

This morning I met to work on the elementary yearbook before going into the law office. The yearbook is one of the responsibilities of PTA, and since I am president of PTA this year I am in charge. Our school is not huge but good size the elementary has 465 enrolled. Out of this there are about 20 parents involved in PTA. Trying to get more parents involved we have sent home notes about working on the yearbook and scheduled both an evening and a day time to work on it to accommodate both working schedules. This morning there were 5 total. This is after sending home 465 notes to parents about this mornings time and Monday evening's time. I was talking to one of the PreK teachers that had my kids the last years and she said parent involment is down very low she has maybe 2 parents that are involved at all in a class of 18 kids.

I notice the difference in my two kids classrooms in my daughters class there is a group of us we request the same teacher each year and have gotten close and the rooms are always packed with parents on party days and maybe 5 kids don't have parents there out of the 20 kids in the room. In my son's class there about a total of 5 parents or guardians. I understand that not everyone can take off work but there are so many other ways to be involved in your kids school and with their activities. I just think it is sad that there is so little involvement. Of course I am on the opposite end and can't seem to say no so I am volunteered for everything...and tend to almost drive myself crazy. But all in all I wouldn't change it I would rather be pulling my hair out because I am trying to get stuff done than not be involved.