Sunday, January 23, 2005

Ready for the week.

I am anticipating at least a somewhat easier week than last week.

I have worked most of the afternoon on preparing for the week.

Tommorow we will get Braden's glasses and at this point he is looking forward to them. Ask him and he will tell you "I am going to be a handsome dude"...LOL.

Will be having lots going on in the evenings this week but I can keep it all going with a goal in site. Friday night my parents are taking the kids for the night and Matt and I are going on a date. I received a $50.00 gift card to a Japanese steakhouse from the lawyer I helped out last week as a little extra on top of payday which wont be till the 31st. Anyway Matt and I are going to get to go out together so even if it is a stress filled week I can look forward to some wonderful hubby time. The kids will also be looking forward to going to nana and papa's for the night. They get spoiled rotten when they are there. Example it had been 6 days since my parents had seen the kids and you would have thought it had been 6 months.


Middle_America said...

I can guarantee the hubby is looking forward to Friday night as well. : )