Wednesday, January 12, 2005

200 Koolaid Jammers!!

I have 200 koolaid jammer packets laying on my cabinet. Why? You ask. Well I will tell you because I cant stand to dissapoint my 7 year old even though when I found out what she had told her class I wanted to wring her neck!

As I walk into get my daughter from class yesterday I am greeted by one little girl with a hug around the legs and a thank you. I dont know what she is thanking me for but I give her a hug. Mrs. Cox the teacher comes over and says they are all excited since Brittney told them you were making them all purses and wallets. Okay this is news to me. For those of you who are not in on the craze that is definetly swept our take koolaid jammer, capri sun drink packets and they make things out of them wallets, purses. I have even seen them on sale on ebay. They are quite cute. Well turns out my daughter has promised one to everyone in her class.

I gave her quite a lecture on the way home about not telling people mommy will do things until we talk to mommy. In the end what could I do but rinse out all the packets (the teacher had been nice enough to save them for me from snack time so that I would have enough as it takes about 10 each for a purse and 2 each for a boys wallet). This weekend I will attempt to start sewing them all together.....and see hwo far I get or how many times I think of wringing my daughters neck..LOL.