Friday, June 11, 2004

Returning Home After Vacation

Vacation...I have been planning for weeks, anticipating loved it when I got there but when it came time to come home I couldnt wait to get home. We had thought about stopping halfway home, but no I was ready to be home. We just returned home from a few days in St. Louis, MO my husband nor I had ever been. So we took the kids and met a friend of mine and her family there. We had a great time we went inside the arch, rode the riverboat, went to the zoo, shopped, went to the Magic House. All in all a lot of fun. Now we are catching up on laundry. This is my first blog so I am not sure how to do it or what I will be writing about. My son Braden will encompass al ot of my posts I am sure as with his special needs he encompasses a lot of time, my daughter Brittney is always saying something that I will want to share, and as she enters first grade I know that will only increase.