Sunday, June 27, 2004

My sweet husband

I have a very SWEET husband and family. I had a great 30th birthday yesterday.Started with the kids and Matt letting me sleep in and then bringing me breakfast in bed. I then got my presents which included season 7 of friends, two movies, some earings and a pedometer for tracking calories and steps when walking. My absolute favorite thing was he wrote "30 Things I Love About You" it was the sweetest thing I just got misty eyed and then I embarressed him because I showed it but I was so proud of him and it was so sweet. Then I got time to relax why they cleaned house and set up the back yard...I knew something was up and I figured my parents, aunt and two of our friends Adria and Erich and Leia and Glenn were coming over but I had no idea the extent of the plans. At 4 lots of friends showed the ones I mentioned plus several other families it was wonderful my dad cooked a huge barbeque everyone took home food and there was still food. We played teather ball let the kids swim. The last couple didnt leave till 10. It was wonderful. My aunt and mom did a basket of all 30 stuff...30 bags of microwave popcorn, 30 candles, 30 bottles of nail polish, 30 hair scrunchies, 30 gladioli bulbs, and on and was very cute. They had 30 baloons and a big cookie from the cookie company and cupcakes. I was very suprised and it was great!


Middle_America said...

I am glad you enjoyed it and was glad to see everyone come.

Tonya said...

Glad you had a great birthday. I see you have a Brae, I do too. After looking through your blog realized yours is a boy. Mine is a 7 year old girl. But it is a great name!