Saturday, October 30, 2004

Lots and Lots of Treats!

We finally closed the door and turned off the porch lights. We took the kids to a few houses in the neighborhood then took the kids to the Halleluijah night that the local churches put on at the school it is so neat it is all free the kids got the neatest lunch boxes with a little prayer on them all the kids got those and then both got a bag full of goodies all the games pop and popcorn are free so they had a blast. There are now two huge bowls of candy and snacks on my table and lots of little junkie toys around! Came home and passed out candy. While we were gone I had left a bowl on the porch with a sign saying take some and when we came home it was almost empty so then we started handing out I ended up using chips from the kids lunches

Last year Braden was 4 and Brittney 6 and she was a cute little care bear and Braden was a skunk that was just adorable well no more cutesy costumes for my too. Brittney had purple and blue hair and makeup and an outfit that made her daddy think too much about what we will be dealing with in the years to come...haha..and Braden has been punching people all night!
Now its time to get my Punk Rocker and Power Ranger ready for bed.