Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Handeling things while hubby's away

I always miss Matt when he is gone on business trips but this past week I have felt like a swimmer about to be dragged under. Before Matt left on Tuesday our son Braden started getting sick...when he has fever he has fibromal seizures so this started on Tuesday with Matt due to leave out Wednesday. Braden did have some seizures and missed all week of school. Brittney started getting sick on Saturday and me on Monday. Tommorow is Thursday and Matt will be back home. In the midst of all of us being sick inlaws decide to add some things for me to deal with. As well as receiving some news regarding Braden's health and some upcoming doctors visits. So I ask why does everything seem to fall apart when Matt is away. One good thing it always makes me see how much he really does, because I tell you I am hopping when he is away. Tommorow he will be home and I will be soooo glad.