Saturday, June 26, 2004

Turning 30

Today I turn 30!...Not quite sure how I am handeling it yet. Bless my husband he has went all out for my 30th birthday. Just something about turning longer in my 20's. My husband and kids let me sleep in this morning and then brought me breakfast in bed and my husband wrote "30 Things I Love About You"...I will cherish it, reading it brought a tear to my eyes it was wonderful and thoughtful. He has been hush hush planning all week and I still dont know what is going on at 4 today only that something is and that there sure are a lot of chairs in our back yard! The suspense is driving me crazy as I am one of those that must always know what is going on and plan things to a T.

I am going to try to be updating my blog more and sharing more about my life and experiences...turning 30, raising kids, having a child with developmental delays, being with my husband, working, balancing, and doing all that I love to do.