Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mummifying a Barbie

Yes today in school we mummified a barbie. We are studying Egypt and I knew from last year when Stephanie tried mummifying a chicken that there was no way I was going to try that. So I looked for something else and I found this idea at Jammin's Blog

We had some old barbie's out for the yardsale so I grabbed them out. We read through the mummification process in our Story of the World books.

You were suppose to remove all the organs so we just talked about that and we drew them on the doll and drew the heart to represent leaving the heart in.

Next we washed the body with "wine" (we used white wine vinegar diluted in water.) and rubbed the it with oils and spices. (We used olive oil with a little italian seasoning.) Then rubbed the body with sea salt.

Next we left our bodies to dry for 40 days! (We used 1 minute to represent 1 day, so we really left them set for 40 minutes.) We tore our strips of muslin about 1 inch wide while we were waiting and made a paste of flour and water. We used jewels to wind into the cloth with the mummies.

Once they were completely covered with several layers of muslin we left them to dry.

I think the kids will remember for a long time how the mummifying process worked.
They got the starbucks drinks this morning after daddy went to get his free coffee for voting. I think that coffee ended up costing us quite a bit..lol


Middle_America said...

Seems Starbucks got into trouble for offering free coffee to all voters. (Due to federal law and certain state laws against voting incentives)

So they changed it to free coffee for today.

I was the 2nd one requesting it from our area Starbucks!

zoeygirl@blogspot.com said...

You are too clever! I wish I had you to go first instead of me, because the chicken was a mess!

Weber said...

What a wonderful idea! My boys ALMOST had me talked into doing the chicken thing.
Now I have a excuse to buy a Barbie!

stacey said...

oooh, fun!

boo hoo-our starbucks closed in september!!