Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fun Foods for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Last night I had a get together with home school moms. I did a talk about fun foods and did some Thanksgiving and some Christmas.

Pilgrim Hats (Marshmallow dipped in choc, put on a cookie after it dries draw yellow square)
Fruit Turkey

Cheeseball Turkey

Indian corn cookies



Life at the Lake said...

Kelli - you did an excellent job last night! I was impressed by all you presented. I blogged about you today!

Weber said...

You always amaze me....:-)

stacey said...

i saw some cute ones in a mag yesterday. resee's butter cups with red licorice pieces stuck in them so they look like bells. then they did a ball ornament with ice cream balls covered in sprinkles. you stick the butter cup with the licorice on top.

you are so creative!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Those are so cute. BTW, thanks for joining in the virtual cookie exchange. I am hoping it will be a lot of fun.

Sassy said...

How creative are you?!?!?!