Saturday, March 01, 2008

Do I remember that far back?

I was tagged by Jody so now I have to try to remember what was going on years ago.

20 Years Ago I... I was almost 14 years old and my dad was preparing to retire from the army after over 20 years of service. Moving to a small town where my grandparents owned a dairy farm was not high on the excitement list. I was used to big huge schools with hundreds of kids in a grade, not a 140 total for the whole school.

10 Years Ago I... was living in Pennsylvania with hubby and Brittney who was just a few months old. I cried a lot it was so hard to live there and hubby nor I liked it. Hubby was working 13-16 hour days and commuting over an hour, he would work 10 hours at his regular job and then do a part time job because cost of living was so outrageous and we didn't want me to work full time. I remember doing lots of part time things, I babysat so I could take Britt, I typed rebates for a mail processing center. However at this time God was working and allowed hubby to begin working as a remote employee and allowed us to move closer to family (what was I thinking..LOL).

5 Years Ago I... was praying so hard daily for someone to tell me what was going on with Braden. It wasn't long after that we made the long trip to Arizona and began to find some of the answers, others we still pray and seek. We had built and moved into our house.

1 Year Ago I... I had just finished my first year of home schooling. Hubby and I decided that home schooling was definitely what we would continue to do as it is just not a school issue it is a life style change and one we welcomed.

So Far This Year... We have had some bouts with sickness, we have done our schooling, we have struggled over abeka math with Britt, Brae has finally began being a very proficient reader (with his speech disorder reading and phonics are made more difficult), we have been planning our big vacation.

Tomorrow....we will attend church, hubby will fly out for a business trip, the kids and I will plan our week.

This Year I Shall... continue to work on my relationship with God, continue my bible study, keep having quiet with hubby after the kids are in bed, encourage my children, encourage their friendship as brother and sister, try to slow down and most of all I am going to work on censoring what comes out of my mouth as far as volunteering for things.


Jody said...

To look back can bring back such memories can't it? Good post. LOL

BarnGoddess said...

nice walk down memory lane.

when hubs and I first married we lived in a little town 1 hour away from everyone. I HATED it, luckily we were able to buy a home/land closer to our friends and family. I felt your pain living in PA!!!