Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maybe I can get a breath soon

What a week.

I made it through my first time as home school coop director. What an experience, mostly all good, a few times I got my feelings hurt, and one or two situations that I was like eek. All in all a good experience, of course a couple of the kids were like we wish coop went for longer. Me not so much, but I do think I will be excited again for Fall coop. I also survived speaking in front of around 160 people...eek.

I have some pics of course to share but my computer is still acting up, but soon I will get some pics up.

Big Britt news she won the 1st prize in the home school art fair for 3rd-5th grade. She was very excited she got a cash prize and her painting will be displayed at the main library at some point. So she was pretty excited.

Had a field trip to Kopper Kettle Candies and got to see them making peanut brittle and truffles, I think I gained 5 pounds walking through the place.

Last night mom and dad kept the kids and Matt and I went to a town about 45 minutes from her so I could shop at a Target. Found some super cute Easter stuff for Britt, not so much for Brae he is so much harder to buy for.

A busy week, and I have to have to get caught up on my freelance paralegal work this weekend as I am about to drown but hoping that once I get that caught up and now that coop is done I will be able to breathe. Of course vacation is coming and that will be a nice breath of air!


Jennifer said...

How funny...I told Jodie and Kathy that I figured we had gained five pounds just breathing in KK!! Can you imagine working around that chocolate smell all day long? Mmm...

You did a fantastic job with co-op...even with the bumps in the road! And Brittney's painting was great!

I hope you are able to get some rest now...I know your vacation can't come soon enough!

dakotablueeyes said...

Great Job Brittney!!! I hate public speaking even in front of a few people lol

BarnGoddess said...

glad the coop was a success!

target??? I am jealous.....

kel said...

Yes but I have to travel 45-50 minutes away for my Target...but they are building one in our area.