Saturday, March 29, 2008

Silver Tounged

I think some people are just born to be salespersons.
I met one of those born to be salespersons.
I had decided to tan a little for the trip. I am not a tanning person indoor or outdoor just never have been. However I am white white and this trip I thought okay a little color. I looked up online the places in town picked one, told hubby that it was some kind of super bed and how much 3 sessions were. I called made the appointment.
I tell you I walked in told them who I was talked to the guy and it is all just a blur. I literally left the counter walked into the waiting area and was like "what did I just do". I don't even know I just know he talked and it was the best deal in the world and before I knew it I was entering my pin number, purchased some expensive lotion and bought 10 sessions!! Ten, I was suppose to buy 3. I called hubby, he must have heard my dismay because he thought it was all funny. I told him I seriously do not know why I just agreed okay whatever, good thing it wasn't like a car place or something. So no going to sign up for things alone because obviously I am a sucker for a good salespitch.


dakotablueeyes said...

oh no I told you not to buy that lotion, it starts at 25 a bottle I think and it doesn't work any better than moisturizing your skin 3 times a day.

Jody said...

Oh no LOL that is just too funny. Man they sure know how to distract you enough to say yes to something you have no idea about LOL.

stacey said...

funny- we have all been there!

brit's hair is cute-did you get it cut?!