Monday, March 24, 2008

This and that

Britt and I are battling yet another cold. Of course with it being 34 one day and 72 a day later I think that explains it.

Saturday we hosted everyone here. I had woke up with a sore throat but it wasn't too bad yet. I made a turkey, in-laws came as well as my family, aunt and uncle too. The kids got to hunt eggs in the back yard it wasn't quite as mushy as the front yard. Dinner was good after everyone left we decided to go for a walk, hubby tried to walk Brae's dog but that dog will have nothing to do with a leash he will lay there and lay there. I have even tried just putting it on him in the back yard and leaving it on, he will just lay there. So anyway Matt got to hold a dog and walk.

Both Britt and I were pretty under the weather on Sunday so we did not get to attend church as we had planned. However we did have some wonderful times at home. Saturday we had started making our resurection cookies so we finished those off Sunday as well as an egg hunt using the resurection eggs in the living room. Their baskets were filled with goodies. Hubby made up a scavenger hunt for their Easter present from us. Britt got the set of 3 American Girl movies, the one I have seen so far Molly was good, and I hope to get more of these type movies for her.

15 days till we leave on our vacation and yikes I am starting to panic. Have to get work all caught up and ready to go before I leave, show another girl how to handle major crisis things while I am away. We have lots and lots to do before we go. I am going to have to do some very creative packing to get everything shoved in the suitcases.


stacey said...

it does not sound fun to get ready, but i know you will enjoy the time on vacation!

dakotablueeyes said...

Get well soon

Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

Life is crazy. I love going but hate the hassle of getting back to normal. Will email you when life gets back to normal!

OCHEC said...

The getting ready part makes me want to cancel all of our vacations the week before we're supposed to leave. I don't actually do it, but the temptation, it is strong!

BTW: thanks for the link to the OCHEC blog. We actually got some traffic from here! Really appreciate you helping us get the word out.

-Dana Wilson